Student assistants host tour for local EAA chapter

On Friday Sept. 20, student assistants Josh Countryman, Kristyn Harpool, Jonathan Conklin and Madison Bays and KenWyee led a tour for 30 members of the EAA Wichita chapter. We received the following letter from an EAA chapter member. Thank you, students, for a job well-done!

Hello Tracee,

Just want you to know that our entire experience at NIAR facility Friday September 20th was exceptionally planned and well executed.  The members of Experimental Aviation Association Chapter 88 thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

After some confusion about gaining entry to the building we found a side door that was open and then were met by several of the WSU student “tour guides”.  They escorted us to the upstairs meeting room where we conducted about 30 minutes of chapter business.  This was followed by introducing the WSU students who were to tour us.

The tour guides and their areas of presentation were:

  • Josh Countryman–Environmental test lab & MESA electronics
  • Kristyn Harpool–Environmental test lab & MESA electronics
  • Jonathan Conklin–Crash Dynamics
  • Mattie Bays–Wind tunnel
  • Ken Wyee–Composits and mechanical test lab

These students admirably represented WSU, they were clean-cut, well dressed, spoke distinctly, knew their topic areas and presented an abundance of enthusiasm for their education and the facilities.  These characteristics made for a very pleasant and educational tour for our 30 members in attendance. We came away in awe of the facility, the opportunities at WSU, and a great respect for the students’ abilities. You would have been proud of them.

Thank you for all you did to accommodate our group’s request for a tour, it was awesome!

On a related note, our annual EAA Chapter 88 fly-in will be held at the Newton City/County airport October 5th.  A poster describing the event is attached.  I would encourage you to attend as well as make the student population aware of this event.  It is a premium one and very close to Wichita.

Thank you again for making the arrangements that accommodated our group on the NIAR facility tour.

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