RSVP to attend ground vibration testing seminar by LMS

ImageNIAR will host a ground vibration testing seminar and demonstration conducted by LMS in NIAR room 309 on Nov. 14 at 11:00 a.m.

LMS, A Siemens Business will hold a specialized technology seminar and demonstration of the Test.Lab solution for Ground Vibration Testing and analysis at the Cessna Aircraft plant. This free, informative, and interactive seminar and demonstration is focused on the technology and background related to the latest in Aircraft Ground Vibration testing. This will include a demonstration on these techniques including Burst Random, Stepped Sine, and Normal Modes tuning. The event will contain a technology presentation and discussion, followed by live demonstrations of LMS Test.Lab software.

A pizza lunch will be provided. Attendees must RSVP at  Download the event flyer at For more information on this technology visit the website at

About LMS

LMS Test.Lab Ground Vibration Testing is a complete solution for performing stepped sine and normal modes testing. Together with LMS Test.Lab MIMO FRF Testing, LMS Test.Lab Structures provides excitation capacities ranging from random excitation and swept sine to stepped sine and normal modes, giving engineers an abundance of open loop and closed loop excitation possibilities.

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