October Employee of the Month

Adam Maurath, CAD/CAM Lab Student AssistantImage

Nominated for: Adam is pursuing his AE degree and has worked as a NIAR CAD/CAM Lab student assistant since 9/12. In recent months Adam has taken on increasing responsibility working for NIAR on Beechcraft projects. Adam was assigned to transfer Engineering’s tooling models from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 while working to identify processes. A Beechcraft Project Manager emailed me sharing his praises for Adam’s work effort within his team.

“Adam led a process meeting with incredible attention to detail and a ‘take charge’ attitude. He came to the meeting well prepared and showed a great ability to interact with the Beechcraft Engineering veterans involved in the project. Process questions came up and Adam was not afraid to point out apparent flaws within the process. Speaking up with a professional attitude and approach went a long way with the Beechcraft team and his efforts are much appreciated by everyone involved. Adam’s ever-growing knowledge in the engineering arena as well as his knack for exuding a high level of confidence for the knowledge he currently processes make him a great asset to the NIAR and Beechcraft engineering teams. All of our NIAR folks have a team member they can look up to and count on for helping them overcome adversity. I would like to personally thank Adam for all his efforts and am excited for his future in engineering (hopefully at Beechcraft}.” By: Mason Roberts, Project Management Liaison.

Time at NIAR: 1 year

Supervisor: Michelle McAdam

Degree in Pursuit: Aerospace Engineering, WSU

Nominations for November Employee of the Month are due to Tracee Friess by the 27th.

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