Flying Clubs open to NIAR employees

Two Wichita area flying clubs are open to and encourage membership from NIAR employees.

The Fairmount Flying Club is dedicated to Wichita State students for the development of aeronautical knowledge, practical flight training, and aviation enthusiasm. It offers a ground school course with a qualified instructor and a Cessna 172 for rent at an hourly rate. The club owns a Cessna 172 and operates out of the Newton Airport. Contact James McMullin for more info.

The Air Capital Aviators Club (ACAC), formerly known as the Boeing Employees Flying Club, has opened its membership to NIAR employees. ACAC has four aircraft based at Jabara airport with on-line scheduling and a host of instructors that can prepare NIAR members for their Private Pilot license or higher ratings. The club operates out of Jabara Airport. For additional details, contact club President, Steve Martz.

General flying club and flight training questions can be directed to Tom Aldag at 978-5326.

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