John Tomblin named permanent VP of Research and Technology Transfer

Congratulations to Dr. John Tomblin, who was named vice president of researImagech and technology transfer. Previously, Dr. Tomblin was serving as interim vice president. He will also maintain his position as executive director of NIAR. The following is the official memo from WSU President John Bardo:

Changes in Division of Research and Technology Transfer
June 13, 2014 11:08 AM

I wanted to let the campus know that I have asked John Tomblin to assume the vice presidency on a permanent basis effective immediately. John has provided strong leadership to this division, he has reactivated the Research Council and he is forging new and strong relationships with federal agencies, business partners, state government and the broader community. Wichita’s recent designation as a federally recognized Manufacturing Community Partnership in advanced manufacturing is but one example of the important leadership that John is providing.

With the expansion of WSU’s activities in technology transfer, Intellectual Property development and creation of the Innovation Campus, this division will play an increasingly important role in assisting faculty and staff in enhancing research and other scholarly activities, engagement and transformation of the state’s economic base that is so crucial to the future.

Because of the importance of basic research especially in the sciences, health and mathematics, I also have authorized a position for an Associate Vice President for Federal Programs. This individual will be a specialist in assisting faculty members in identifying appropriate federal grant sources and in preparing grant proposals to federal agencies.

In addition to his duties as vice president, John will also remain as the executive director for the National Institute for Aviation Research.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these changes.

John Bardo

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