Former NIAR employee featured in WSU News

Graduate story: from foster care to Shocker alum

Samantha Allen, who earned a degree in mechanical engineering this spring, worked at a table display for NIAR at the May 9 College of Engineering Open House.Source: WSU News
by Travis Gillespie

As a young child, Samantha Allen carried a secret fear. Though a strong student and well-behaved, she worried that she would somehow misstep and be sent home from school.

And Allen’s home was no place for a child to be.

Born into a family where drugs, alcohol, violence and abuse were the norm, Allen considered school and schoolwork to be her sanctuary, developing into something of a whiz in math and science.

Today, Allen is a graduate of Wichita State University and a bona fide mechanical engineer with a bright future, and she’s quick to give the credit for her achievement to the wisdom and love of a volunteer mom and dad. Read more…


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