New email and procedures for travel, procurement cards and security badges

Christina Feeney has joined the NIAR Executive Offices support staff, and will be working with Juanita to process travel, procurement cards and security badges. Beginning immediately, please send travel requests/issues/questions, procurement card receipts and badge requests to staffservices. This will deliver to both Juanita and Christina. 

In addition, starting on August 11, 2014 a new online travel system (TEM) was implemented. This system eliminates the need for the manual routing of paper travel documents and receipts for signatures.  Travel documents will be approved via Banner Workflow.  For NIAR travel, process will be as follows:

  1. Email a request for travel along with any pertinent information regarding the travel (i.e., conference, meeting, convention, etc. including web addresses for the event if available) to the new staffservices email address. Juanita or Christina (the travel delegates) will enter a traveler’s request in TEM.
  2. Email is sent to the traveler who reviews the delegate’s entry and submits the request from TEM.
  3. Supervisor receives an email, reviews the request and ‘approves’ the request in Banner Workflow.
  4. Travel Office will review document for accuracy and compliance with State travel policy and return for corrections if needed.
  5. If travel is research funded, Research approves document in Banner Workflow.
  6. Budget Officer receives email and approves document in Banner Workflow.
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