Student project poster/s needed for JECamericas show Oct. 28-29

jecJECAmericas has asked NIAR to submit a student project poster entry for the show in Boston Oct. 28-29 on any composites related subject. This will be an opportunity to highlight your composite experience, exchange knowledge and information to an international audience of experts so that we can expand the composites industry. The Poster session is 100% free .

 If you are interested in submitting your project poster, visit and download the Posters Package for Boston. If you decide to submit, please notify Tracee.

The JEC Americas 2014 Fall edition is centered around two days of top of the line conference sessions with a specific theme for each day:

  • Conceptual Design on October 28th
  • Industrial Sectors on October 29th

From material selection to processing methods and structural studies, the conferences provide in-depth presentations as well as specific cases for major industries such as the aeronautics and automotive ones. The Simulation theme is the focus throughout the whole event, thanks to the Conferences, theSimulation Composite Circle and the Simulation Innovation Awards that will take place. This event is a great opportunity to take part in networking meetings.

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