New Faces in Environmental Test and EME Labs

The Environmental Test and EME labs have welcomed two new faces to their staff.


Jeff Phillips has worked at Cessna Aircraft for 14 years and has been active in all areas of EME protection. Jeff is an active member of the RTCA SC-135 committee and is the primary author of the mode stirring procedure for section 20 currently in the document; as well as the mode stirred emissions technique for section 21. He has developed the full aircraft lightning test procedure for Cessna using swept frequency techniques and is considered an expert in the field. While at NIAR he will continue testing his lightning test procedure on planes.  Also he will maintain his responsibilities with High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Lightning Protection.


Kyle McMullen is a Senior Research Engineer and manages the mechanical DO-160 testing in the Environmental Laboratory at NIAR. He also teaches a Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) class offered by the lab through RTCA. While at NIAR Kyle plans to manage the DO-160 unit along with testing his activities. He came from Textron Aviation (formerly Cessna Aircraft Company) where he managed the environmental test laboratory for aircraft systems. Kyle also serves on the RTCA SC-135 committee and has contributed to the development of DO-160F & G and serves on the RTCA SC-228 committee, Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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