Wichita Public Water Utility Tour



Where:           Wichita Public Water Utility

City of Wichita Water Treatment

Date:              Thursday, March 19

Time:             3:30 pm

RSVP to:       Jan Baggett, WMA Secretary

By:                  Noon Monday, March 16


The city obtains more than 60% of its water supply from Cheney Reservoir and the remaining amount from the Equus Beds. We will tour the facility where this water is processed for our use.

Recently city crews discovered a leak located in the primary pipe that connects those two water sources: the Equus Beds Aquifer and Cheney Lake. This pipe feeds water into the treatment plant. Crews believe the leak is the result of age of the 66-inch pipe that’s underground, but have only dug a small portion of the site due to concerns of pipe collapse. We’ll see the bypass city crews installed to keep water flowing.

In 1940, Wichita’s primary water source was ground water pumped from the city’s well field in the Equus Beds aquifer. Water levels and storage volumes in the aquifer began declining, and the decline generally has continued over the years. In 1965, surface water from Cheney Reservoir was first used to supplement Wichita’s public supply.

In January demand is 44 million gallons per day, and more than doubles that during summer months. Wichita has the capacity to provide water to all incorporated areas in the county through 2050.

Water is essential to life. It is a precious limited resource that we take for granted. When we turn on our faucets, we expect water to rush out. We rarely give thought to the five to eight gallons of water we use each minute of a shower. And we jump into swimming pools on hot summer days without any worry of them ever going dry.


Park in the Cowtown Visitor Center parking lot at 1865 W. Museum Blvd. It will be noisy in facility and difficult to hear so we will be starting the tour inside the Visitor Center with an overview of the disinfection process.  There will be a trolley to transport attendees who have difficulty walking long distances.


We will be eating at the Visitor Center.


* If you are bringing a guest, we ask that you please pre-pay & send your payment to:  WMA

350 W Douglas, Wichita KS 67202

* Payment for a guest & honorary/retired member is $10.00


Speaker:  Karyn Page, President/CEO, Kansas Global

Topic:   Grow Your Business Through, Exports


  • RSVP by noon Monday, March 16 to Jan Baggett, WMA Secretary at jbaggett@wichitachamber.org  Phone 268-1113
  • If you are 6’ tall or over, please bring a hard hat due to walking under water pipes.
  • Lots of walking so wear comfortable closed toe shoes. There are several stairways as well.
  • We will be outside part of the time so dress accordingly. 
  • There will be a cap on the tour of 85 so get your reservation in promptly.
  • Students will be allowed.

WMA UPDATES:  Next WMA tour is April 16 at Metal Fab


Please email Jan Baggett with reservation information or scan the form below and email.

Email: jbaggett@wichitachamber.org


Member Name


Company Name

I plan to bring the following guest/guests:


Guest Name


Guest’s Company


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