Kansas STEM Call-to-Action: Kindergarten to Industry (k2i)…pathways to STEM careers

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WSU has taken a lead role in coordinating the Kansas STEM Call-to-Action, which will be held June 2-3 at the National Center for Aviation Training. The cost for academia to attend is $50 if you register by May 22. Please take a look at the attached flyer and consider attending. I also strongly encourage you to pass this information along to contacts you have that might be interested in this opportunity. Registration links and additional information are included below. If you have questions, please contact Polly Basore (cc’d) or at 316-978-6512.                

The goal is to stimulate a collaboration network between the existing STEM programs around Kansas and the industries that want to employ those STEM literate students.  We want to develop action items and strategies that will encourage, support and connect the STEM community to equip students for future career success.

While a central thrust of these STEM programs is preparing students for 4-year STEM degrees, we also want to address the STEM literacy needs of high school students who might follow alternatives paths to a 2-year degree, trade school certificate or simply obtain workforce competencies.  To date, this forum is the most significant attempt to host a statewide event and build a broad STEM network, but the intent is to cooperate with all existing efforts and become the first of many future statewide meetings.




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