Airbus seeks students for Innovation Showdown

Airbus is sponsoring an Innovation Showdown and is seeking teams of students interested in performing research on the following topics:

  • Carry-on/Stow-away Luggage (Alternative overhead carry-on stowage, Alternative cargo bay luggage stowage)
  • Sustainable Waste Management (On-board garbage handling, On-board cabin waste alternatives)

The showdown will begin in February and last approximately 6-8 weeks, and will include a $5000 prize for the winning team. For the showdown, Airbus will choose five teams of students and provide them with coaches to direct their research and ideas. The coaches from Airbus are industry professionals that will guide the students over weekly sessions with the teams.

Student teams should include 4-6 students from multiple disciplines, including engineering and business (accounting, marketing, economics). Students will be expected to perform aircraft research and design; logistics; cost analysis for future markets; and project the implications of their decisions on business economics.

Students interested in participating in the showdown should submit the following to Andrew Tindall, by no later than Friday Jan. 29.

  1. List of team members including student names and departments
  2. University Represented
  3. One-page (maximum) statement of why they should be selected for the competition

For additional details, contact Tracee.


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